What is hypnotherapy?

“You are the one with the power to change yourself”

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is very personal and will be shaped by your own impression of what hypnotherapy is. Hypnotherapy is still hotly debated amongst academics in terms of its definition but most agree that it is an effective solution to many problems. Hypnotherapy, when carried out properly, is an evidence-based treatment that can help you be empowered to change your own life both within the sessions and after. The hypnotherapy I carry out enables you to enter into a mindset that will allow you to make positive changes to your life in a deeply relaxed state. Since hypnosis is something that 98 per cent of people are able to achieve you will be easily able to go into hypnosis. You will be fully in control of the process and your experience.

What is Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy?

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is an approach to hypnotherapy, theory of hypnosis and an integration of Hypnosis with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy maintains that there is no trance state of the mind and hypnosis is best thought of as a mindset or cognitive set that is available to everyone. The cognitive behavioural approach to hypnotherapy takes hypnotherapy away from Mesmerism and ideas of trance or the ‘power’ of a hypnotist to control  and reveals hypnotism as something accessible to and controllable by most people.

Cognitive Behavioural approaches recognise that ordinarily we are persuaded or hypnotised by certain ideas and not others, we have ordinary everyday suggestibility that guides our behaviour and it is this every day suggestibility that is deconstructed and capitalised on in a hypnotherapy session. A clients problems are conceptualised in a common sense way as a client already being hypnotised by negative self-hypnosis (in CBT this would be automatic negative thoughts).  The client is seen as having problems because they respond to suggestions within the environment and within their mind that cause them problems.

The integration with CBT makes sense as much that is in CBT derived from approaches already existing in hypnotherapy and clients problems are resolved using case conceptualisations from CBT. Clients will find the CBT approach to hypnotherapy very user friendly if they have used CBT before or some other kind of solution focused, problem solving or imaginative therapy. The hypnotherapy approach I was taught at the UK College of Hypnosis also draws in influences from many other therapeutic modalities and practitioners to come up with solutions to your problem. Primarily you can expect to be exposed to an integration of CBT, Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy.

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