Positive relaxation experience

Is this you?

  • you struggle to relax because you’re so overwhelmed with your to-do list
  • you find it difficult to let go and need to be in charge all the time
  • you are in charge all the time and just need someone to take care of you for once
  • you’re a bit disconnected from yourself

I can help you let go, relax and reconnect and provide you with a nurturing indulgent relaxation experience.

I offer different ways to help you relax.

A truly relaxing experience

An exclusive and completely bespoke Relaxation Experience for £125, 2 hours 15 minutes inclusive of massage. A problem shared is a problem halved. Mentally put down your worries during a half-hour consultation with me. I boost your mind’s natural ability to relax using positive review, grounding and resourcing techniques. You will then be guided through breathing techniques.

The next part of your relaxation is bespoke and according to need I will select the best visualisations, meditations or active relaxation technique for your current situation. Then the final level of relaxation is your massage which will prepare you for a good night’s sleep and help you to let go even further. I will send you two follow up emails afterwards with relaxation tips.

I also offer one to one coaching and education in relaxation and stress management. Please see coaching

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I look forward to seeing you in our lovely therapy room in Anerley or in your own home as a mobile client. You can request an appointment by phone or WhatsApp, email using the form below, or send me a message on Facebook. Remember that Just Flourish only accepts female clients except by referral.

Still not ready? Phone me for a free ten minute consultation.