Face Massage

A face rejuvenating massage is a relaxing and luxurious way to honour yourself and your body, mind and spirit by investing in yourself, your health and beauty. You can expect a face rejuvenation massage to be equal to or surpass other complimentary therapy treatments. Some benefits of this face massage are that it reduces tension, deeply relaxes you, provides a lifted look to your face, is anti aging and can work in the same way as reflexology.

A bespoke Just Flourish face rejuvenation massage is based on techniques from the Eastern face massage styles and Western massage techniques. The Just Flourish massage contains techniques such as lymphatic drainage to remove toxins and reduce puffiness, cold stone and hot stone treatment, zone therapy, acupressure and muscle manipulation. The face rejuvenation massage also involves attending to your spiritual healing and depending on what you need drawing in techniques from energy healing, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and relaxation practices. This is a massage that attends to you holistically, deeply rejuvenating you both within and without.

What to expect of your natural face rejuvenation massage

Giving a client a face massage

Your face massage will include a proper consultation, aftercare advice and premium skincare products that are either natural or include skin safe, effective ingredients. As someone who as a little girl had eczema and who suffers with sensitive skin I know how important it is to be careful about what we place on our skin and for people touching our skin to keep us informed and safe. Your skin will be cleansed with a skin friendly product and moisturised with an oil and then your massage will be begin after you have been shown a few relaxation techniques.

Who can have a natural face rejuvenation massage?

Generally anyone can have a face massage, although men with beards may find a face massage uncomfortable. Women who are less than 3 months pregnant may want to check with their GP before a face massage but after 3 months can have a face massage as long they are comfortable.

Contraindications to massage are;

  • if you are on alcohol or drugs
  • Botox and fillers
  • Pregnancy in the first few months
  • Cancer or HIV
  • Infectious skin diseases
  • Acne, Eczema (in some cases), open sores, sunburn or very sensitive skin
  • Active pain such as sinus pain or toothache
  • Bruising
  • High blood pressure and low blood pressure
  • Diabetes

To gain the most benefit from a natural rejuvenation face massage you should ideally have 6-12 sessions back to back and then follow up treatments of 1-2 times per month, but a one off treatment will still benefit you. The techniques of a face massage can;

  • Improve the look of the skin by desquamation
  • Boost to circulation so extra nutrients and oxygen get to your skin which will mean the tone of your face will look more clear and even.
  • Giving your face a more relaxed and fresh appearance.
  • Promotes deep feelings of relaxation by releasing tension
  • Removes toxins through lymphatic drainage
  • Gives your muscles a little work out which may give the face a more lifted and toned rather than puffy appearance.
  • Reduction in tension leading to better sleep and better health
  • Improved communication and awareness of your facial muscles
  • A boost to your mood as you get feedback from muscles that are relaxed.
  • Retrain your muscles for relaxation and create awareness around unconscious activation of muscles such as sub vocalisation and frowning.
  • Lift and tone your muscles like exercise for your face


Here are a selection of my face massage reviews from happy clients on facebook, trustpilot and on google. If you are a happy client too please review your treatment.


Business owner

I had a face rejuvenation massage with Lauren on a Friday evening at the end of a long week. It was the perfect way to start the weekend! Lauren is extremely warm and welcoming, and the massage was lovely. Not only relaxing, but very beneficial – I slept really well that night and felt really great the next day. Highly recommended.


A mini face rejuvenation massage starts at £40 for 30 minutes. A complete treatment is from £60. Both treatments include a full skin care consultation and carefully selected natural organic product

Still have questions?

Have a look at the blog to read all about face massages or call me on 07572276454 and I will be happy to answer your questions.

(Result will vary according to skin type and age)