Some people may not be suitable for hypnotherapy, or desire help without hypnotherapy. If you are one of these people then I can offer you coaching. I have two years training in adult counselling and a full qualification in hypnotherapy I can draw on to coach you in these areas I have training in, assertiveness, relaxation training/therapy, stress reduction, wellbeing and life goals. I am extremely well educated in multiple areas and if you are clear on what you need help with then I can help you.

I have separated the trainings out below but ordinarily they will overlap in correcting problems. They are also often integrated into hypnotherapy.

Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness training has been around longer than has the current drive towards authenticity. Learning assertiveness skills helps you to show up and be present in your life regardless of circumstance or person. You can also learn to be assertive within your own mind and raise your self-esteem by communicating intrapersonally (within yourself) assertively. Assertiveness training was first introduced by Andrew Salter a behaviourist whose Conditioned Reflex Therapy emphasised assertiveness and expressive communication as a balm to inhibited behaviour. At the UK College of Hypnosis Hypnotherapy I was given broad training in this approach and continued to explore this area. At minimum, you will need 6 sessions. Assertiveness training is £75 for the first consultation and subsequent session are £50 an hour.

Relaxation Coaching and Stress Management

Relaxation is a coping skill that can be learned to improve your overall resilience. Your quality of life will be vastly improved by learning correct information about relaxation, how to deeply relax and stress management. I can help you learn to relax completely and deeply, learn mindfulness/meditation (including myths and common problems), introduce you to progressive muscle relaxation, self-massage, embodied mindful movement and many other useful approaches along with teaching you the skill of applied relaxation. Relaxation coaching sessions ideally take place over time but if you are confident enough to practice by yourself then one session may be enough. The first appointment is 1 hour 30 minutes and £75. Please see the blog for further information.


If you are completely lost in this new wellbeing drive and cannot make head nor tail of things get in touch. The last thing you need is to feel guilty about your wellbeing and not doing enough. I can show you little life hacks and point you in the right direction when it comes to mastering your wellbeing. An email consultation can be completed with me for £30 with follow up support of two emails in which we will discuss future appointments or signposting to other services and resources you could use.



“Lauren offers a safe space where she listens so carefully and without judgement. I booked a two hour consultation in which Lauren talked through issues of self-care and well-being. Then she guided me through some visual relaxations and finished with an amazing body massage. I entered feeling exhausted, emotional and achy and left feel positive and as though I was walking on air.”

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