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Musings on stereotypes on International Women’s Day

In preparation for International Women’s Day I have been searching through my favourite book John Berger’s Ways of Seeing but couldn’t find a suitable short quote to share. In this book Berger looks at the way women in the 1970s saw themselves from a surveyed or male point of view; women will watch themselves being watched, according to Berger, whereas men act. Berger looks at the way culture contributes to women seeing themselves from a male perspective from traditional art to 70s popular culture. In reviewing the book, I was struck by how popular culture has changed very little in its presentations of women and the ever-present male gaze which is internalised by women and then reproduced by them in leading magazines and advertising. It isn’t however just male visions of women that women internalise but attitudes, meaning that a woman becomes both an oppressor and oppressed.

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