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Introduction to Self Care

Last year was the year in which #selfcare became a trend on Instagram. It seems that self care is something that everyone is latching on to but do people really understand what it is? Many people I speak to seem to have anxiety about self care and are wondering how to fit it into an already over packed day. Other people are feeling lectured to and are rebelling against #selfcare. So what is self care and why should you and I take self care seriously?

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Tired puppy yawning


Are you struggling to sleep? Did you know that a face massage is a perfect way to ease insomnia symptoms? Many of my clients fall asleep during their face massage and all of my face massage clients have gone home to sleep soundly in their beds. I have had long term insomniacs get a good nights sleep after my massages. Why might my clients be falling asleep?

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Time to talk

It was about ten years ago that I found myself in a room listening to Stephen Fry talk about his experiences of mental illness. I was a completely different person then struggling with multiple demons, an eating disorder, depression, anxiety attacks, and very difficult family circumstances. I was listening to Stephen Fry because he was talking at an event where the aim was to raise awareness of mental illness and to make the topic a lot less scary and shameful. At the time I had a limited understanding of why mental health should not be taboo, but I did passionately believe it shouldn’t be. Over the next ten years I would learn to manage my own mental health and understand the complexities of the subject.

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Cervical Cancer – one in four women don’t go for their smear test, are you one of them?

“Why does a massage and wellbeing company want to talk about smear tests?” I hear you ask. Just Flourish is about encouraging you to look after your overall wellbeing which includes informing you about things like smear tests. In addition, the majority of my clients are women and getting a smear test should be part of a normal life style and preventative health care.

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Welcome to Just Flourish

Hello and welcome to the first Just Flourish blog post. Here I hope to bring you my musings on massage, health, wellbeing, reviews, and inspiration from my life to get you to your life goals. Wow, you might say, that is a lot to cover!? Yes it is, but life is complex, you are complex and being healthy is about reaching your potential in life, not just about physical health. My main endeavour when you become a Just Flourish client is to help you live the best life you can!

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