Bodywork includes massage, reflexology, bioenergetic massage, pilates and many other disciplines. Bespoke Just Flourish bodywork at the moment includes different disciplines of massage which I have integrated with my knowledge from areas like hypnosis, energy work, kinesiology, embodied movement and mindfulness in order to improve your healing journey and your awareness of your own body. You can expect to heal very quickly from in particular shoulder issues and you will be taught ways to release your own tension whilst on the table with me. I can also show you grounding techniques and ways to psychologically reduced pain if needed and if there is time.

My home treatment room has been thoughtfully tailored for maximum comfort and relaxation. You will find that I can adapt to your needs in most cases. I carefully select my products as genuinely skin safe or products that are organic and natural such as Neals Yard. Generally I will use oils or waxes suitable for your skin but you can also choose to be massaged with your own body butters, creams or lotions. You can select your own music if you choose and the scent that is in the treatment room diffuser if you give me enough notice. Whatever it is, from my tea selection to the techniques I use, everything is thoughtfully tailored to you and your needs on the day.


You will always have a sacred space, be treated non-judgmentally and receive a carefully tailored experience at Just Flourish. I understand that how you feel psychologically has a huge impact on your healing experience and so I have various ways of putting you at ease. You can always phone me for a free 10 minute consultation if you are nervous about coming along, you will find that I am a good listener who is happy to help you.

You can choose to have a mobile massage from £10 extra to local areas but I strongly recommend visiting Just Flourish because there are comforts I am unable to provide on a mobile basis and treatments are shorter.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

Jim Rohn

Bodywork currently offered

Bespoke Relaxation Massage

This is the massage you will need if you are suffering with chronic stress, insomnia or chronic conditions (except those that are contraindicated). This can be an enlivening massage or a relaxing massage and people tend to respond both ways to their nervous system being more relaxed. This massage draws mainly on techniques from Swedish massage which is usually enough to treat most issues. This massage includes some lymphatic drainage, some percussive techniques and some articulations to help with circulation and range of motion. You will love this, many clients go to sleep because they feel heavy, loose and limp quite soon into the massage which is the relaxation techniques taking effect.  From £34 for 30 minutes.

Advanced Deep Tissue Massage

I completed Advanced Deep Tissue Massage at the London School of Massage.  This course taught me in particular how to attend to headaches, shoulder pain and lower back ache as well as doing a complete treatment for office workers. The massage includes deep tissue massage and then targeted work such neuromuscular techniques, harmonics, pulsing, palpation, posture analysis and articulations as well as minor work on the upper spine. Generally you would be recommended to seek 90 minutes for a long standing issue to take full advantage of advanced techniques and the consultation process. The deep tissue massage used is a no hands method and may feel differently from other deep tissue work but it is just as effective. From £59 for 1 hour

Energy Healing Massage

This is a massage deeply tailored to your needs and combined with relaxation techniques such as guided visualisations. You are strongly recommended to give me a free no obligation call to get a relaxation experience tailored to your needs. You will deeply relax during a progressive muscle relaxation, visualisation or mindfulness meditation and then receive a holistic massage, and will also receive a letting go ritual before you start. The end of your massage and experience is setting new intentions for going forward in your life. £74 for 90 minutes.

Pregnancy Massage

If you are pregnant let me help you – I am a passionate advocate of tailored pregnancy care, can visit you at your house and you will not pay mobile charges, or you can visit me at my address and you will only ever pay £60 for your massage no matter how long it takes. I can draw on my wonderful face massage and give you a luxury massage to your face and neck, we can also discuss other areas you are comfortable for me to massage. You can be assured that the products I use will always be Mum and baby friendly as well as organic. You are absolutely welcome to bring your own oils and anything else you find comforting. £60



Administration assistant

“Lauren at Just Flourish made me feel so relaxed and at ease and I had the best experience as it was my first ever full body massage and couldn’t have asked for better. Loved every minute.”


“For more than a year Lauren regularly gives both my husband and me a massage. She is very professional, she absolutely knows her stuff, and how to reduce tension with the links between all the muscles. She adjusts based on the needs of individual. We both find her very pleasant to engage with, and she is very reliable. We can highly recommend Lauren from Just Flourish. You will not regret it and want to see her again.”

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I look forward to seeing you in our lovely therapy room in Anerley, or in your own living room as a mobile client. You can request an appointment by phone or WhatsApp, email using the form below, or send me a message on FacebookRemember that Just Flourish only accepts female clients except by referral. 

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