The Story of Just Flourish, Me, and You

Hello again. I am Lauren Williams owner of Just Flourish. I think I have been moving towards Just Flourish since I was 14 years old and taking part in Miss Smith’s mindfulness exercises in drama class. Thanks to Miss Smith and mindfulness I knew there was a healthier, more empowered and authentic way to be in this world. My driving motivation since then was to live my best, healthiest, most free life for as long as possible. Each experience in my life has pushed me here, from my early desire to be active such as teaching myself yoga at 14 to my degree in performing arts where I studied many of today’s fashionable mindset and body approaches.

Receiving a unique training in physical performance, and the freedom it gave me, showed me that everyone could flourish when taught the right tools. I went on to train as a counsellor but became disillusioned with the approach and so continued my training as a massage therapist and hypnotherapist instead. My training of two years in counselling and my research into stress reconfirmed for me what I had explored years earlier: that it is often necessary to work with both body and mind in order to take charge of your life. Just Flourish embraces a lot of body-oriented work because I believe that how we are in the body we are in the mind and vice versa.

I have selected approaches and courses I feel will help me to help you efficiently and ethically. My hypnotherapy training encapsulated many of the theories and practices I feel are necessary in making deep and lasting change. The particular approach to hypnotherapy I have chosen mirrors my own ethics about helping people; for me helping people is about making you the expert in your life and giving you the tools to be that. Part of my life experience included being very disempowered and that is why I have a huge focus on empowering women to direct their lives and find their voices.

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.”

Coco Chanel

My bodywork approach is the same; I want you to connect with your body and feel in charge of its health. Alternative approaches to health such as yoga, massage, dance and other creative-based mindful movement such as contact improvisation have really helped me, and I want you to benefit from this too. I had a very negative relationship with my body in which I felt estranged and betrayed by my body due to a challenging past. What helped me move on from this negative relationship with my body was mindfulness, massage, yoga, hypnotherapy, dance, some of my counselling training and much more.

I have been on a 10-year quest for personal development during which I have read over 100 books on subjects including psychology, anthropology, philosophy, hypnotherapy, pedagogy and alternative therapies, and taken courses including counselling, psychotherapy, massage and hypnotherapy. I have been on a journey to live in the most psychologically and physically healthy way and to help others do the same. I have explored everything from the nature of skincare products to healthy diets and the best kind of movement to do. I am well known as a health hacker with fun facts about the best time to sleep and what tech you can use to monitor your sleep. I have so much to share with you and a desire to pass on my knowledge.

Knowledge is power

Francis Bacon

I aim to pass on this knowledge and experience to you, to give you the tools and tips that will enable you to live a healthy, empowered and authentic life. I love to provide you with free content whether your currently my client or not. Please stay in touch on social media and follow the blog on this site to keep up to date so you don’t miss out on some great tips, debates and reviews.